Turning in the summer’s cover crop.

It’s a new year! Anything is possible!

On the docket:

A new processing kitchen – New walk-in cooler is almost ready and more equipment is being ordered. We will be able to store and send out more farm-fresh food than ever before.

Expanded garden – We are planning an amazing teaching orchard where  visiting students can learn about (and taste) the fruit we grow here.

New farm to school items on the menu –  We have been busy testing the new kale salad at five schools over the past week and a half. It’s going on the school-wide menu, folks!

It’s gonna be good.

GET student Matthew assists Daniel at the Westwood Middle School Taste test

Kelly, another great GET student, serving up the salad at Littlewood.

Littlewood Lions liked it!

So did these Westwood Whirlwinds

This little guy from Norton gave it a try.

Finley Elementary is on board too!