basil and cukes

We shipped off our final harvest of cucumbers yesterday to a number of schools where most, if not all, students are eligible for free and reduced lunch. While we had high hopes of continuing the harvest during the summer, spider mites had another idea. We will be spending the first weeks of the summer cleaning out the greenhouse allowing the summer sun to have at it. By the end of a few weeks, the pests should be history.

The lettuce stopped a few weeks ago, when the combination of rising temperatures and a faulty emitter fried most of it. Still there were a few remaining heads last week that melted in your mouth…

We are raising money to restore a third greenhouse and purchase another NFT table (the basil is growing in one above) so we can double our lettuce production – from 150 to 300 heads per week!

If you would like to help, you can make a contribution here – or check out this pagefor other ways to help. Our produce is grown by students for students and benefits both disabled high school students (job training) as well as students who are eligible for free and reduced lunch. A great bang for your charitable buck!