Now that we have harvested our warm weather crops, we have space for more plants that enjoy cooler weather. Going into the ground this week are more radish and carrot seeds, as well as healthy leafy greens like collards, kale, and spinach. Giving plants a good start is the best way to ensure healthy plants and tasty food! Farmer Jess has some helpful hints for giving your plants a great start:


Some plants, especially root crops, do best when the seeds are sown right into the garden where they will germinate and continue to grow. Others get a better start when they can be cared for as tiny seedling first, then transplanted into the garden once they are large enough to have a healthy root system. We sowed seeds for collards and kale this year in pots and transplanted when they were ready. Sometimes we buy our transplants from a local grower or store. We love to buy our transplants from the GROW Hub because they use seeds grown and developed for our region by the seed savers at Working Food.