M.K. Rawlings students grew a cucumber for the school lunchroom during the spring 2021!

While we had a few school gardens that continued growing food for school lunches during school year 20-21, many took a break during that trying time. We are so excited to welcome back most of them this fall. Growing Educational Training students are using their woodworking skills to build and repair beds, and they are helping grow transplants for the gardens too.

GET students build the raised bed structures for district school gardens.


We grow the same things in the school gardens that we are growing here at the hub and are purchasing from local farms.  Care for their gardens, reaping the rewards at harvest time, then sharing with other students through school meals is a rewarding experience for everyone. We are so happy to expand the program again this school year!

Talbot elementary school student and teacher bring collards and carrots to the school cafe, April 2021.


Littlewood elementary students keeping their plants watered, spring 2021.


Alachua Elementary students harvest daikon and cherry belle radishes for school salads – April 2021.