Congratulations to our four SafeStaff-trained students!

The students who are with us everyday form the backbone of our program – in the kitchen, the greenhouse, and the garden. Food safety is an important part of their training and Daniel, our kitchen coordinator, has been methodically working through the SafeStaff handbook with them to make sure they are getting the basic training that every kitchen staff member should have.

Recently, four of our students, hand-picked by Daniel for their level of knowledge and experience, attended an official SafeStaff class taught by certified trainer Blake Dicks. Because the material was familiar to them, both from the book and in their experience working in the kitchen, they were very attentive during the four-hour class and participated right along with food service staff from across the county.

Today, Jan Benet from the Exceptional Student Education department joined Maria Eunice, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, and Blake, their trainer to give the students their official SafeStaff cards.  The Friday class celebrated with them with cake and strawberries. This is a wonderful first step toward finding good work for these great young people. Their hard work and professional knowledge and skills in the kitchen are going to make them an asset in future work environments.

Congratulations, students!

It takes a village – and we have a very supportive one at the Farm to School to Work Hub.