Although Florida is not known for its great carrot production,  our Growing Educational Training (G.E.T) students are becoming experts at raising this tasty, fun crop! Students sowed the tiny seed into the soil, looked for its first grass-like leaves, and then watched the ferny tops form above the ground. Below, the hardy roots were reaching down into the soil and becoming sweet and nutritious. It’s always a big day when they are ready to harvest – short ones, long ones, orange, red, yellow, and purple ones, each is a cause for celebration. We planted extra this year for students who visited on family field trips. What a pleasure to share the surprise waiting benath the soil for these little ones to discover.

Students cleaned, weighed and packed the carrots to go out to elementary schools along with a BIG harvest from Frog Song Organics.

The first carrots came from areas now known as Iran and Afghanistan. They are related to parsley (you can tell from their tops!), dill, fennel, and cilantro.

You can start your own carrots from seed from till early spring (they like cool weather).  Watch the video below  to learn from Farmer Jess, just like the GET students!