We will prevail!

Like all farmers, our students are sometimes surprised to find that something has been nibbling their plants overnight! Animals have an instinct to eat what is good for them, and they sometimes visit our garden for a quick nibble. Once this happens, we have to find a way to keep our plants safe, so they can grow and students can enjoy them! The wild turkeys seem to really enjoy plants in the brassica family – plants related to cabbage like collards, kale, and radishes, and they LOVE blueberries and grapes as much as we do. We used bird netting last year to stop them. We had a feeling that deer would be a problem out here so close to Morningside Nature Center, so one of the first things we did was build up our fence to its current 10-foot height (as tall as an adult standing on another adult’s shoulders!). Today we had a smaller visitor.

Here’s what happened this morning!