We are fortunate to work with some great folks growing lettuce for school lunches – 14 school gardens, GET students at the the Farm to School to Work Hub, and Jordan Brown of the Family Garden Organic and Fair Farm just down the road from us!

We use freshly harvested, organic lettuce for all of our lettuce needs in the district during the growing season, October – April.

March is the to celebrate this great product, and especially the local farmer who produces over 2000 lbs a month for our schools.

The students grow the same variety of lettuce in their schools gardens.

Newberry Elementary School Garden

And our GET students grow it at the Farm to School Hub gardens as well.

Volunteers Cyd and Josh and the first harvest.

We have experimented over the last few years to learn which types to grow hydroponically as well. Students and other visitors from area schools are always amazed by the beauty of 600 heads of lettuce growing on a table in a greenhouse!

Newberry Elementary School Gardeners visit our greenhouse

We are excited about all the ways we get lettuce into school meals and grateful for all the work that goes into making it happen.