The students are taking the show on the road! Last week, they built a lovely raised bed herb garden behind the offices of Alachua County Food and Nutrition services. These herbs will be tried by young students in the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables program and also used as fodder for recipe testing by Chef Moss (whose portable is conveniently next door).

The work went so quickly with so many hands, and the students learned very quickly how to build the beds and space the plants. This will be a gift that keeps giving. They will soon be working with Florida Organic Growers to assist in constructing beds for their GIFT Garden program.

Cardboard was placed under the beds to tamp down weed growth.

Bed-building was demonstrated by a local carpenter-volunteer.

et voila!

The AMT company (Arthur, Matt and Tudorell) continue to rise to every horticultural challenge.

Only one bed remained to be planted after the school day was over. Thanks to our wonderful staff for finishing it up!