We were interested when John Bitter, of Frog Song Organics, called to ask if we would be interested in Murasaki sweet potatoes. They were beautiful – burgundy on the outside and white on the inside. When our chef, Moss, baked a batch, we knew we wanted them! The insides were flaky and white, like an Irish potato, but they were almost as sweet as a sweet potato. We had a feeling our students would love to try them as a base on our customization bar and as a substitute for white potatoes at the primary school level.

We were right! Students and staff loved them, and we continued to offer them throughout February. These are still available at farmers markets if you want to give them a try. They are DELICIOUS baked, and very simple to prepare. After washing and drying, rub some oil on the outside of the whole potato, sprinkle with salt, and bake for 30 min to an hour (depends on size) till tender.