We are thrilled to be working with a local blueberry farm – D&J Blueberry Farm – down the road in Inverness. This weekend they delivered our first batch of 200 lbs – with 1200 pounds more to come. Our GET students will have the experience of freezing blueberries and packing them into the cardboard flats they construct – and thousands of school children will be getting a taste of local blueberries, some for the first time.

Blueberries grow wild in North Central Florida, and many of us remember picking them as children. But not all families have access to land where blueberries grow wild, and due to their short, early season they can be relatively expensive to buy in the stores. We are thrilled to be able to offer them – fresh, local, and organic – to students in 20 district schools. We are hoping this will be the first step in a district-wide blueberry season to ring out the school year in the future.

We are grateful to D&J Blueberry Farm for working with us to get this quality, local fruit at a good price for both parties.