Arthur serving up breakfast at Lofton High School

Arthur, one of our first students at the Farm to School to Work Hub, was hired by Food and Nutrition Services to work at Lake Forest Elementary School  and Lofton High School kitchens. He is receiving full benefits and the opportunity to continue to grow and develop as an employee – and to move up the career ladder.

Arthur was a team player from the beginning, encouraging other students and working hard to learn how to grow food and practice food safety. When he became an intern at the school last spring, he quickly showed himself to be an asset to the team at Lake Forest. They wanted to hire him – not because they wanted to support the program, but because Arthur is truly a great employee.

We have a two-fold mission at the Farm to School to Work Hub – one is to get local food in the school meal programs, the other to prepare students with disabilities for life post-graduation. We are looking forward to more students following in Arthur’s footsteps. We have two more interns heading to schools this month!